Our Honeymoon in Botswana

After more than a year of marriage, it's finally time for us to leave for our honeymoon. Contrary to what we originally planned, we are going to go to Botswana rather than South Africa for our Safari. Botswana looks like a beautiful country full of animals! :P

Where are we?

Throughout our trip, we will try to keep you updated of our progress along our route by using a fancy gadget capable of sending our GPS position in (almost) real time. Use the map below to find out where we are!

We will do our best to keep this little nifty device on every time we'll be moving around, so that you can follow us on the live map below. However, in some remote area (or if batteries run out) it may happen that our live position will not be update for a while. Please do not interpret this as an alarm sign!

Live map

Click here in case the above map doesn't work or click here for a larger map.