Strolling through South America
Basic route

To be honest, we haven't planned our route to any great levels of details: as backpackers we will enjoy the opportunity to freely adapt our route based on our feelings or on other people's advice. However, considering the vastness of the South American continent, we felt that some planning was necessary! We created a kind of database where we stored points of interest. We even pinned all our POIs on a map of South America that we hung on a wall in our living room. Every time we read something on our guides or we heard that "that place must not be missed" we added POIs to the database and to the map, so that at the end we just had to connect the dots and voilÓ our basic route ;)

We are going to start our trip in La Paz, Bolivia. Picking the starting point has not been easy, as the climate of South America is tricky. Thinking that "when in Europe is wintertime in South America is summer and weather is surely nice" is definitively an over-simplification! The rainy season occurs exactly during the months of our stay, although to different extents depending on the location, so the idea was to start the trip next to the areas which must be visited before heavy rains fall.

From La Paz we are going to rapidly visit the Bolivian Amazon before needing a wetsuit. Then we are going to cross the Andes into Chile. Chile is long, extreeemely long...we don't know yet how far South we are going to go...the goal is to get at least to the National Park of Torres del Paine, but it would be great if we could get to Ushuaia, the southernmost city in the World. Anyhow, we are then going to zigzag North toward Buenos Aires. Surely we are going to spend a couple of days on a Uruguayan beach before going to the Iguaz˙ falls. Given the proximity with Paraguay we may enter it to get an extra stamp on our passport. ;)

The Iguaz˙ area should also be our entry point into Brazil, which is also a huge we might just go to Rio and leave the rest for another time. From there we are going to catch a plane to...we don't know'll depend on the amount of time left. We may go to Venezuela (very unlikely), Colombia (we were told it's a beautiful country) or, in the worst case, Ecuador, knowing that independently of our destination we are going to get back to Peru to complete our anticlockwise circle, meaning that if we land in Venezuela, we will then cross Colombia and Ecuador to go back to Lima.

We've also defined some "bonuses" such as the Galapagos, Easter Island or Panama...destination not exactly "on our way" but never say never ;)

Is it doable? Too much? Not enough? Utopian? Exaggerated? Well, maybe, but as I mentioned these are just guidelines...It's hard to tell from our old little Europe how long we'll need to visit the different countries. I'm sure that once on-site we'll be able to better define our route to suit our wishes!

What we wanted to to...

And what we actually did!

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