Strolling South America

The Project

We started thinking about backpacking through South America a few years ago. I (Stefano) was in the middle of my PhD and already then I wanted to take a few months after graduating to travel and, at the same time, to increase my photographic skills and to learn a new language (Spanish). South America was the perfect place for such a trip: I had never been there, Spanish is spoken in the majority of the countries and I would have had plenty of occasions to take stunning pictures. Patrizia immediately welcomed this idea and she asked right away whether she could take a break from work or not.

In the meantime we both became paraglider pilots and the idea of bringing our flying gear over there was more than tempting, but how could we possibly carry on our shoulders our flying equipment + everything we need to survive? We’ve finally decided to bring our tandem gear, so that we can still fly whenever and wherever we want without having too many kilos on our shoulders. I’ll carry the tandem + everything that fits in the backpack and Patrizia will carry everything else.