Paragliding Flying
When a dream became true!

A soft breeze blows at the launch site...a last check to the equipment and then "go"...the air fills the glider which lifts us gently from the ground, while on our faces a smile is drawn...

A gently themal pushes us up toward the sky, perspectives change, the air gets fresher, but the view from up here is beyond description...we got enough altitude, we leave the launching zone and we head for the next like we have never been before. We take advantage of every moment up here...because this is a dream became true!

Paragliding stories

We have created a kind of diary where we tell about our best flying adventures, just to make sure you'll be dying of envy :P

Click here to have a look at our diary.

Our flying profiles (*)
Flying since
September 2009
June 2010
Ozone Rush 4
Niviuk Hook 2
Advance Impress 3
Advance Progress 2
Hours flown
Distance record
Altitude record
5125m asl
3260m asl
Favorite Location
Roldanillo, Colombia

(*) Last update: March 2015