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Fabulous news
Posted by Stefano - 17/12/2013

Hello there,

and it's with great honour that I update our website this time. Indeed, we became the proud parents of a cute little girl: Aurora! =)

  • A page about Aurora was published next to mine and Patrizia's. There's not much to say but I think it's important to let people know that the 2 of us became the 3 of us ;)
  • The South America gallery is slowly growing: after Bolivia and Chile I have also added the picture taken in Argentina, Uruguay, Brazil, Paraguay and Colombia. Now only the shots from Ecuador and Peru are missing...I'll post here a note when they'll be published in the gallery.
  • Thanks to a rainy weekend I managed to sort the picture I took during our vacation in India (that was...Spring 2012!): so head to our gallery if you want to see the beautiful places we visited in Rajasthan!



A little teaser ;)
Posted by Stefano - 21/08/2013

Just posting the video without any extra comments...enjoy! ;)

Pictures from South America
Posted by Stefano - 17/02/2013

We have just uploaded in our photo gallery a selection of pictures from the first two countries we have visited: Bolivia and Chile. Don't miss them and keep following us via our blog and live tracking!

Greetings from Colombia (nice place btw)!

Stefano and Patrizia

Buon Natale =)
Posted by Stefano - 25/12/2012
Special South America
Posted by Stefano - 21/10/2012

The special pages about our upcoming trip through South America are now online


Minor updates while waiting for...
Posted by Stefano - 12/10/2012

While waiting for the new pages about our trip through South America, here's a small update of the site including:

  • new entries in our flying journal, including a video with amazing view of the Swiss Alps and pictures of an hike & fly to the Dents de Midi
  • a short recap (in Italian) of our sailing vacation in Turkey. Picture can be found in our gallery
  • a little leak of our South American trip =)

Stay tuned ;)

Posted by Stefano - 27/07/2012

After a few months with really poor weather we could recently start flying again and we took advantage of some good days to break our distance record (>50km) and to start the tandem license for Patty...videos and pictures in the paragliding section!

Ferrets' page updated + French version
Posted by Stefano - 09/02/2012
  • Unfortunately the ferrets' page needed an update. Indeed we've lost a few ferrets in the past months :sad: Good news is that we have two "new entries", Gad & Amber, so check the ferrets' page out with updated pics!
  • Most likely you don't care so much since you're reading this in English, but finally Patty's finished translating the website in French...
Happy new year!
Posted by Stefano - 03/01/2012

With the arrival of the new year we close as well the 2011 album, with the pictures of our holiday on the Reunion Island and of the weekend in Innsbruck.

Happy new year to all of you, cheers

Stefano & Patrizia

Posted by Stefano - 03/11/2011

...the "hike & fly" season...have a look at our first "expedition" in the paragliding tales and adventures section!

Autumn is also, unfortunately, less favorable to open-air activities...I took advantage of a rainy day to add some pictures taken during the summer to our photo gallery...

Enjoy and let's hope for an excellent Autumn and Winter!

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