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Paragliding Live Tracking
Posted by Stefano - 20/01/2016

I have created a new "live tracking" page dedicated to my paragliding flights, meaning that as soon as I am airborne you can see my position drawn on a map in real time. This is going to be particularly handy during the next two weeks, when I'm going to fly (hopefully) everyday in Valle de Bravo (Mexico) and Roldanillo (Colombia) =)

Happy new year!
Posted by Stefano - 01/01/2016

Botswana - Travel journal now published
Posted by Stefano - 26/10/2015

The travel journal (Italian only, sorry guys) corresponding to our honeymoon in Botswana has been published here. There are also some pictures and the tracklog of our trip. Enjoy!

Pics from Botswana
Posted by Stefano - 21/10/2015

A selection of stunning photos taken during our honeymoon is now online, go to our gallery to see all the incredible animals and beautiful landscapes we came across! A video is also planned but, you know, editing a video takes forever, so for now enjoy the pictures! ;)

Botswana...we are coming!
Posted by Stefano - 01/09/2015

After more than a year of marriage, it's finally time for us to leave for our honeymoon. Contrary to what we originally planned, we are going to go to Botswana rather than South Africa for our Safari. Botswana looks like a beautiful country full of animals! :P

As always we have published a special page about this particular event of our life. During our trip you'll be able to follow our progress along our route thanks to a fancy gadget capable of sending our GPS position in (almost) real time. Once back we'll post some pics and we'll give you an account of our trip!

Work in progress
Posted by Stefano - 26/08/2015


"Just" Married
Posted by Stefano - 14/01/2015

We have finally put our hands on the pictures taken during our wedding...we have uploaded a selection with the most beautiful pictures in our photo gallery, check them out!

A short movie is also expected, but for that you (and we as well) need to be a little more patient!

I have also published a few "thanks to...". If you understand Italian you can read them in here.


Christmas 2014
Posted by Stefano - 23/12/2014


The beginning of a new adventure
Posted by Stefano - 04/07/2014


A lot of you have already heard the rumours, so let's get it all out in the open now:



For this special event we created a dedicated page that we invite you to read.

See you soon
Stefano and Patrizia

Happy Easter!
Posted by Stefano - 20/04/2014


It is common to eat something special for Easter in our Country...why should it be different for our little girl? So today for the first time in her life she could taste something different than the "usual" breast milk: a delicious zucchini purée and guess what? She loved it ;)

Happy Easter!

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