Ferrets...the best pets ever!!!

In many ways, ferrets act like kittens that never grow up. They have energy, curiosity, and potential for chaos all their lives, and are always keenly aware of their surroundings. However, they are far more people-oriented than cats, and most actively elicit play with their owners.

Their lifespan can vary widely, but usually falls between six and ten years, though in rare cases they can live into their early teens. While there are two types of ferrets, the European and the Black-Footed, it is the European ferret that is the widely domesticated species.

Ferrets' Gallery

To be honest we don't have ferrets anymore. After Stitch passed away in 2015 we decided not to take any new ferret. Still, we would like to remember Kobe, Shaq, Parsifal, Lala, Lily, Gad, Ambri, Boby and Stitch, our gone but never forgotten ferrets. Have a look at the ferrets section of our photo gallery for more pictures!

Kobe Shaq Boby
Parsifal LalÓ Stitch
Gad Ambri Lily
Our ferrets' cage

In the Italian version of this page (available here) we explain how to build a cage for ferrets. I'm sure that, if you like the "do it yourself", the numerous pictures are enough to understand how to build it. Otherwise just send me an e-mail with your questions!

Come costruire una gabbia per furetti