Here are a few lines about me...

I'm Patrizia, a Swiss girl born in Switzerland in 1983. I grew up in Bissone and attended the high school in Mendrisio. Afterwards, I moved to Geneva to study at the "Haute école de santé Genève" to become a midwife/ostetrician. In 2006 I finisched my studies, obtaining a Bachelor degree. Since then I work for the HUG (Hôpitaux Universitaires de Genève), the biggest maternity of Switzerland, with more than 4000 births per year!

Since 2009 I'm a commuter. Indeed, I keep working in Geneva but live in Lausanne.

Concerning my hobbies: I love to travel (the farthest the better ;) ) to visit new places; I read a lot, especially detective novels and thrillers; and since 2009 I'm also a paragliding pilot ;)

A recent picture of myself